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SAGE 2 CROR Ground test demonstrator, Istres - Safran, Snecma

Objectives & benefits:

• The Contra Rotating Open Rotor (based on a geared unducted architecture) is an aircraft engine offering a 30% fuel burn reduction compared to the the year 2000 turbofan reference engine, allowing a significant decrease of the CO2 emissions

Main features:

• The Open Rotor configuration aims at meeting several technological challenges such as a new propulsion mode, an innovative aerodynamic configuration and unprecedented manufacturing processes

• The main innovative elements of the design concern the blades of the propellers, the blade pitch change mechanism, the gearbox and the rotating structure

Main outcomes:

• By intensive aero-acoustic wind tunnel testing of several design optimisations, Safran demonstrated that this architecture is compliant with the new noise standards for certification (chapter 14) and consistent with expected performance level

• Safran is leading the SAGE 2 Consortium (including several Partners) which aims at delivering and ground testing a full-scale Open Rotor engine on a brand-new Safran open-air facility located in Istres

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